Before you begin the study there are a few things it might benefit you to know.  Have a King James Bible!  All verses come from this source.  The deeper you go in this study on Romans the more you will see how superior the King James is to all else.  Have it with you as you go through this study; numerous verses are cited and a lot of comparing and contrasting go on simultaneously.  While topics are discussed oftentimes at length there are times dots are connected with a fine point.  For this reason, be prepared to move quickly in thought.  It would be impossible to follow every thread or even put down all the content we talk about in class but all of the major notes are here.  You will come across many italicized phrases.  Those are instances that initial verses are stated and more often it is the introduction of new verses to help give a fuller understanding.

            This study on Romans was started in October of 2004, at Gideon Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.  In the summer of 2006 I moved back to Muleshoe, Texas but before I moved I completed the first half of the book of Romans.  It is here in Muleshoe that I have been teaching through the second half at Calvary Baptist Church.  Knowing the time frame will help as you come across references to current events.  I can not claim complete originality for all things in this study.  I have compiled an assortment of research material besides my own independent study:


  • J. Vernon McGee – Thru The Bible Commentary Series:  Romans
  • Warren Wiersbe – Be Right:  Romans
  • John MacArthur – The MacArthur New Testament Commentary:  Romans
  • Donald Grey Barnhouse – Romans, 4 Volumes
  • John Phillips – Exploring Romans
  • James D.G. Dunn – Word Biblical Commentary
  • – One of the best dictionaries I’ve found


            These resources are worth the time, I know they have been invaluable to me.  We are truly blessed to live in the time we do.  Our knowledge and understanding of the “things of God” are greater then ever before.  We ought to use it and increase on it where we can.  One last note, as I am still working my way through the book of Romans.  I plan to add to the latest lesson each week as God blesses.  And He has, I was led to outline Romans well in advance and arrived on point every time.  But as I go through in more detail this time to teach, I learn.  And so, led by the Spirit, I will add the smaller elements to the outline as we come across them.  I hope you are blessed by this study as I have been.  And please, if any issues come up feel free to send me an E-mail, the link is in the side bar.  Also, I plan to make these lessons available in hardcopy.  If that format would benefit you more, let me know.

~  Jonathan